The 9th Age Neuigkeiten

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The 9th Age Neuigkeiten

Beitrag von Malagrim_Grungal » Fr 15. Jul 2016, 12:47

Hier eine Ankündigung von Shieldwolf Miniatures, dass sie TNA mit Minis versorgen wollen:

Also, while the follow-up KS on the Shieldmaidens (i.e. for their Warmaidens etc we would like to create to complete their army) will be launched as promised only after we have delivered to our backers, we are revealing a smaller KS on the 5th of August to launch soon after.

Below I am going to write down what we discussed a few months ago.
Please note that everything below is referring to hard-plastic (no hybrids) destined for Renedra tooling and with the addition of a few characters or smaller stuff in resin. On top of that, we designed a few stretch goals also in hard-plastic should the project be more succesful, but we will be content even if it funds by a single buck. For example, the first army I'm writing down, the Minotaur Army, also includes plastic Centaurii (centaurs) and plastic minotaur chariots, but I'm only going to write down how we'll be pitching with!

(In parenthesis I'm writing what T9A army we would be destining these for)

Minotaur Army (BH) Tiermenschen
Yeti Army (OK) Oger
Araves Charemises Army (DE)
Gluttonic Warriors Army (DL) Dämonen
Saurian Merceneries Army (SA)
Forest Goblins Army (O&G)
Albino Vermin Army (VS)
Exiled Avengers Army (ID)
Talliareum Cataphraiti Army (KoE) Bretonen
Wardens of Order Army (HE)
Oak Elf Infantry Army (SE) Waldelfen
Zombie Warriors Army (VC)
Northern Alliance Krumvaal Army (WDG) Chaoskrieger
Dwarfish Great Guardians Army (DH) Zwerge
Warriors of Redemption Army (EoS) Imps

The Charemises Army, errr, try to imagine arabian belly dancers. Sexy, but... super lethal!!!
Orcs have not been mentioned since we have plans for the Valley Orcs but we'll see whether we could avoid KS and do them ourselves. Also, as you can see we have not touched UD out of respect and common interest since another fellow manufacturer supporting T9A has openly expressed doing that. Chances were that it would have been discarded anyway in favor of something else, Angelos is still trying to see how it will fit in our world (probably part of our Araves race is the best bet).

Now that all this has been revealed... Cheers!
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Re: The 9th Age Neuigkeiten

Beitrag von Rotfuchs » Do 21. Sep 2017, 05:50

Weiß jemand von Euch wann die zweite Ausgaben von T9A herauskommen wird? Irgendwann vor kurzer Zeit habe ich da doch etwas bei einem Gespäch aufgeschnappt? Oder irre ich mich?
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Re: The 9th Age Neuigkeiten

Beitrag von Loki » Do 21. Sep 2017, 15:24

Beim letzten KOW Turnier meinten "die Bärtigen" es wäre im Frühlung so weit - und um Weihnachten herum würde die Betatestphase beginnen. Ich habe mir vorgenommen, dies dann auszuprobieren. Wenn meine Figuren schon nicht auf Multibases stehen, soll das auch einen Sinn haben. Da 9th Age sehr gut und balanciert sein soll, hat es, finde ich, eine Chance verdient!
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